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Innovative Brokers In Berlin

We at D.K. Real Estate see ourselves as a 360° broker. This means for you on the one hand the classic broker service with all-round support and on the other hand our real service towards our customers. With us you conquer the real estate market however also digitally with a sophisticated, virtual real estate presentation, which means a genuine increase in value for buyers, salesmen and even tenants.

For example, have you ever seen a residential or commercial building or another property from a bird's eye view? Or can you imagine that prospective customers go through a virtual counterpart of your object? We make this possible for you. With a drone we make attractive aerial photos in 4k. The virtual model for a 360° online tour is created on the computer.The digital model and the brilliant bird's eye view are complemented by detailed and elaborately prepared information on the object.

How does it work?

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3D inspection: Your real estate as a virtual doll's house

Digitalization is revolutionizing our everyday lives. That does not stop also before the real estate purchase and - sales. The demands on information and comfort are constantly increasing and thus pose new challenges. Therefore you can already present and explore real estates with us today with the technology of tomorrow - namely in 3D. This property inspection offers you unique comfort thanks to the latest camera technology and is also very easy for you to implement.

How to make your property virtually walkable

visit your property with our modern 3D camera and scan it completely. The fast camera can capture areas of over 500 m² in a short time. We scan your object completely from the basement to the roof. Subsequently, a floor plan is generated and photo-realistically converted with all details. Your interested parties can then move through this floor plan as if they were actually on site.

Advantages of real estate in doll's house view

With our modern 3D inspection you enjoy numerous advantages which make it the future in real estate presentation:

  • It offers maximum transparency in the presentation of your object and makes it accessible to any interested party from anywhere.
  • Thanks to 360° and 3D technology, visitors can move around the rooms as if they were actually there.
  • innovative technology makes the virtual tour of the property clearer and more comfortable to carry out. This allows you to move freely in the virtual model and orientate yourself easily.
  • avoid mass inspections and take so also at the same time consideration of possible current tenants. Thanks to the virtual model, you as a prospective tenant no longer need an appointment and can view the property conveniently at any time and from anywhere.

drone images for informative exterior views and this ideal solution for the presentation of interiors you benefit with us from a unique total package. In this way we will achieve the maximum purchase price for your property. Discover this novelty on the Berlin real estate market with D.K. Real Estate and contact us with all your questions about the new technology and our marketing.

Droning flight from bird's eye view

Drones create unique photos of your property from a bird's eye view. For this purpose, we take a drone flight of your property from all directions and process the film material of the drone to an extremely attractive and unique impression of the object. This unique view of your property is part of the multi-faceted presentation with which our real estate agents sell each of our properties.

Many of our customers associate deep emotions with their residential and commercial buildings, the property with a shed or the condominium. As a reminder of this connection, we not only create our photos for presentation on the international real estate market, but also leave a lasting impression on them. These photos make it possible for our prospective customers to climb on your roof, which usually awakens the desire to take a virtual walk through the property.

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Visit In 360°

Looks good from the top? Then we will be happy to guide you through your dream property - with a virtual 360° tour. For such an inspection, we create an extremely detailed model of all our properties on offer. You can then move around in this model as if you were on site. You can stroll through the individual rooms, look at the section of the apartment, floors, stairs and much more as if you were really on site. You can decide for yourself whether you want to take the virtual tour with us, in our office, or perhaps alone in the evening on the couch. With this innovative, virtual tour you can see all the properties in our real estate portfolio:

  • whenever you want
  • wherever you want and
  • as often as you want.

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