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Demand on information and convenience is constantly increasing and thus presents new challenges. That's why D.K. Real Estate always strives to keep its range of services at the highest level in order to present your property in a special way, so that you can benefit today from technologies of tomorrow.

Advantages of our unique property presentation

Maximum transparency

Our property presentations make your property accessible to any prospective buyer from anywhere in the world.

Maximum comfort

Visitors can walk through the rooms as if they were actually there thanks to 360°- and 3D-technology. This allows them to move freely in the virtual model and inspect the property so long as the want.

Best information

Innovative technologies let prospective buyers explore the property and it's neighbourhood from different angles and perspectives.

Time saving

Avoid mass viewings and at the same time take into account possible current tenants. Thanks to the virtual model, interested parties no longer need an appointment and can conveniently view the property at any time.

Stand out from the competition

On the highly competitive Berlin real estate market, it is not easy to attract attention of the right target groups. With our modern tools, we present your property in the best light in a special way and thus set your property apart from the competition.

Emotional connection

Buying a property is an important life decision for many people. The chemistry between the property and the buyer simply has to be right. Our comprehensive, multifaceted, innovative property presentation helps prospective buyers to better understand whether the property is right for them to decide to buy it.


Your property as a virtual doll's house

Virtual 3D-tours as well as 360°-viewings help prospective buyers to get a detailed picture of all facets of the property. Our state-of-the-art camera creates a 3D-model of your property. Our fast camera in a short time captures areas of over 500 m² - from the basement to the roof. Subsequently, a floor plan is generated and realistically implemented with all details. Your prospective buyers can then move through the floor plan as if they were actually on site. Not only can they look at the property for as long as they want, but they can also measure every wall or distance exactly with this technology. This makes it easier for customers to imagine themselves living there and to already plan the furnishings.


A bird’s-eye view of your property

Drones create unique bird’s-eye views of your property. To do this, we record your property from all directions on a drone flight and process the footage from the drone to create an extremely attractive and unique impression of the property. It goes without saying that all recordings are of the highest quality. This unique view of your property is part of our multi-faceted presentation, with which potential buyers can explore a property and its neighbourhood from different angles and heights. Unique perspectives as well as the time savings of a virtual tour set you apart from the competition!

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Your property in the best light

To ensure that your property shines in the best light both online and for on-site visits, we offer a digital renovation service called home staging. A stylish, well-prepared property will attract customers, get more attention and sell faster. Furniture, design objects and other details give potential buyers an idea of how the property could look later, while at the same time leaving enough room for their own imagination. This way, even the first impression gives an idea of the advantages the property offers and what everyday life would be like here. Professional home staging by your real estate agents in Berlin gives your property a special charm and helps to achieve the best sales price.



Social Media Marketing

By implementing a well-thought-out social media strategy, we complement our comprehensive marketing concept for your property to generate even more contacts and find the perfect buyer for your property.

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Virtual and augmented reality are the keywords

Virtual and augmented reality are the keywords of the future that we are already offering you today for your construction marketing. AR is a technology of augmented reality, which offers to represent any object in the existing real space. This technology helps potential buyers to understand the advantages of the property and to imagine its further arrangement. VR, on the other hand, offers all interested parties a completely virtual experience for the property exploration.

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With our detailed renderings

With our detailed renderings, we offer all potential property buyers the three-dimensional opportunity to thoroughly examine your property before completion. For this we use highly developed programs that carry out precise forecasts with all key data. With this technology, all plans are visualized in an appealing way for interested parties.

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The real estate market in Berlin is highly competitive and every ad needs a decisive advantage to attract attention and right prospective buyers. Do you want to learn more about our digital real estate marketing or already sell your property in Berlin with us? We will be happy to advise you. Get in touch with us!

Very friendly, courteous and competent contact! The exposé beforehand was very detailed, the 3D viewing very informative and the property was found in exactly the condition as expected. I was given an appointment to view the property straight away, despite the short notice. The property I viewed was definitely of a high standard and I also received good creative advice on the remodelling. In terms of communication, this has been my best experience so far. Thank you very much and I will definitely be back!
Sarah Effenberger
Fast, professional and friendly… just the way you it should be. My wife and I have recently decided to change our lives and therefore want to sell our house - so we needed a market analysis. We made several enquiries and a lot of things came up… From my point of view, we were well advised here.
Michael Maurer
I was and am still convinced of the work of this company. Employees are with heart and soul and after some great suggestions and visits we have now found our dream property and we are over lucky.  makes further so great, praise for the staff and their competence top 
Kai Raffael
I would like to express my thanks for the professional and beautiful cooperation. D.K. Real Estate GmbH know what they are doing and are always happy to share this knowledge. If you are looking for a new property or want to sell your current property, there is no other way that cooperating with D.K. Real Estate! Clear recommendation!

P.S .: The digital marketing opportunities in particular are an absolute highlight - in any case, get advice, it's worth it!

Kristian Scheffler

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