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D.K. Real Estate Immobilienvermittlung - Your Real Estate agents in Berlin.

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This is D.K. Real Estate GmbH - Investitionsgemeinschaft, your competent and strong partner for real estate in Berlin. As independent experts, our real estate agents draw on extensive experience in residential and commercial properties, yield properties, commercial properties, plots of land and condominiums. We are always at the service of our clients. This also includes a modern and comfortable real estate presentation. Our special strength: digital and virtual marketing. Exclusive marketing with digital and innovative solutions.


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Innovative brokers in Berlin

As innovative real estate agents we take our customers to the real estate presentation with 360° inspections in virtual 3D dollhouse models and show you with our drones all objects also from a completely new perspective. With us you can comfortably browse through the different houses from everywhere and take a close look at your potential dream property - without having to put one foot in front of the door.

Among many other advantages, this new level of transparency creates an excellent basis for your planning.

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D.K. Real Estate GmbH - Your Partner for Real Estate

D.K. Real Estate was founded by the current managing director, Dennis Kowtzun. He had discovered dormant, still untapped potential on the real estate market and in Berlin. "There goes for the customer still clearly more , stated the broker and converts with its enterprise and the engaged team an innovative service with virtual inspection for its customers.
Respect and trust - both towards customers and towards our own employees - are the cornerstones of all our daily work. This respectful, transparent and innovative way of working is the prerequisite for a solid and sustainable investor network. Sustainability in every respect, whether with business partners or customers, is the fundamental attitude of our entire team.
The success of D.K. Real Estate GmbH is primarily determined by its employees. Our diverse and experienced team is at your disposal to answer all your questions. 

Contact us - we look forward to getting to know you.