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    Free property valuation in Berlin - the first step to successful selling of your property

    Would you like to sell your plot in Berlin profitably? An objective, individual and realistic price estimation is a crucial first step in marketing of your property. This is the only way to determine the ideal offer price for your property. Our experts with many years of experience on the Berlin real estate market will evaluate your property individually and taking into account the current market developments. As a result, you will receive our transparent assessment with the realistic market price of your property - contact us now!

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    Give us the most important information about your plot in the online-form. Such factors as the location and land area play the main role here. Based on this information, we can make an initial market price assessment for your plot. The entire process is completely non-binding and free of charge for you.

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    Based on the first information from the online-form, we discuss further details about your plot in a personal phone or e-mail conversation with you. On request, we can also carry out an on-site assessment for your property, which is also absolutely free and non-binding for you.

    Get free and non-binding property valuation

    After carefully examining all the information available to us, you will receive our detailed property valuation for your plot in Berlin – free, non-binding, transparent and realistic!

    Our online real estate valuation in Berlin is absolutely free of charge and non-binding for you. We are also always happy to advise you extensively on your sales project and
    develop an individual marketing concept for your property.

    The right, appropriate sales price for a property is crucial for its sales success. Our property valuation is free of charge and non-binding and offers you a transparent and comprehensible orientation for setting the realistic sales prices. You also have the advantage that the broker is already familiar with your property after checking the property and creating the real estate evaluation. This saves a lot of effort in further collaboration.

    Online price estimation is based on purely statistical data on regional, previous sales. This is useful in order to get a first impression of the sale price. In addition, a personal conversation with you is important in order to find out more about the property. During an on-site assessment, our agent can also analyse local conditions and get a detailed impression of your property. This is the only way to achieve a profound and valuable property valuation.

    There are different methods of property valuation. The procedures are differentiated and
    applied according to the type of property respectively. The most common are the following

    • Comparative sales value: This method is suitable for residential properties for which
      there are comparable properties on the market. The prices of the properties sold are
      compared. This method is helpful if there are similarities in terms of location, equipment,
      size and layout.
    • Real value method: If there is no comparable property, we calculate what the new
      construction of the property would cost. Then we deduct the usage and thus determine a
      current property value.
    • Income value method: Our real estate appraiser in Berlin calculates the expected income
      for properties to be rented. This results in the value of the investment.

    The value of the property is influenced by many features and characteristics. The location, the year of construction, the condition and the equipment are particularly important for the value of your property. In addition, the demand, which always depends on the current real estate market, also plays an important role. Our experienced real estate agents will help you to find the right way to sell your property.